Trophees Trajectoires 2013

4th edition of the Active Ageing Awards - In line with the “intergeneration contract” measure1

Since 2009, the “Active Ageing Awards” have supported employers’ initiatives, both from the public and private sectors, which promote an intergenerational approach to human resources. Launched on the initiative of the Val d’Oise Territorial Unit of the Regional Directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Work and Employment (DIRECCTE – UT95), and with the support of the European Social Fund, these awards have recognized fourteen exemplary employers who worked towards the integration of all generations in the company.

Promoting intergenerational cooperation at work

Originally created to encourage and recognize the best initiatives promoting the re-employment and/or retention of senior workers, the “Active Ageing Awards” focus, for this 4th edition, on intergenerational cooperation at work.

With their proven expertise in assessing the best practices, DIRECCTE – UT95 and its network of French and European partners have chosen to promote the “contrats de génération” and to direct these awards at the most disadvantaged people: young and senior workers.

A wide network of stakeholders

The initiative, which is State-financed and funded by the European Social Fund, draws on a wide network of partners – in France (public institutions, unions, occupational health specialists, training and employment experts, etc.), as well as on the European scale. Also, for 2013, and in the wake of the European Commission, stakeholders from several countries have already expressed their wish to become partners of the initiative, including Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Ireland and Italy. It thus enabled employers from the public and private sectors from various Member States of the E.U. to compete.

An approach based on dissemination and sharing

Beyond the recognition of the best practices, the aim of the “Active Ageing Awards” organizers is to shed particular light on the most effective actions and to encourage exchanges and discussions between Member States of the E.U. on the issue of intergenerational cooperation, which is the key to knowledge transmission and to secure career paths.

The Awards ceremony (3 categories: small firms with less than 50 employees, companies of between 50 and 300 employees, and larger companies with more than 300 employees) will take place in December 2013.

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1Translator’s note: The “contrat de génération” is an employment measure designed to encourage the recruitment of young people under permanent contract and the retention/re-employment of senior workers. Thanks to this