OPH Val d’Oise Habitat

Name of organization
Office Habitat Val d’Oise Habitat
General missions:
The office of Val d'Oise County manages over 7,000 homes and employs nearly 134 employees in all residences located in the Val d'Oise.

Public office Department, Val d'Oise Habitat intends to assume its social responsibility and societal pursuing its ambitious development program, diversifying the type of housing to offer, providing expertise in the service of elected officials and our partners to advise and support and to realize, by positioning the tenant at the heart of our concerns, working on the living and the social bond to keep the peace and serenity in our neighborhoods.
Expertises in age management and continued employment of older
In negotiating our Seniors agreements, improved working conditions and prevention of painful situations, have emerged as actions to implement priority vis-à-vis our staff nearby: employee, employee of buildings, guardians and custodians. In December 2010, Val d'Oise Habitat has been awarded as part of "National Trajectories Awards" organized by the Val d'Oise DIRRECTE for these actions as part of the arduous work and improvement working conditions.