Opcalia Ile-de-France

Name of organization
Opcalia Ile-de-France
General missions
OPCALIA Ile-de-France is a joint commission for collective training regional and interprofessionnal.

Missions :
  • Collect and distribute funds poured by companies in conformance with continual job training.
  • Promote and finance the training of the employees within the framework of training managed by OPCALIA Ile de France
  • Insure to the companies the advice in engineering project, office and financial management
  • Follow the territorial projects in favour of the employment and training
Expertises in age management and continued employment of older
Maintain and develop the skills, maintain motivation, capitalize experiences, to prevent the wear at work, and facilitate the transmission of skills. The diversity council service intervenes on the whole region of ILE DE FRANCE. To follow companies in the implementation of their politics of management of ages
  • Driving of diagnosis and personalized follow-up
  • Provision of innovative tools
  • Search for cofinancing
  • Selection of a targeted service offering
  • Mobilization of qualified experts
Partnership actions under the departmental plan
The partnership actions are the following ones:

  • “Trajectoires”, all the generations in company on the territory of the Val d'Oise

    Object: Follow companies in the appropriation of the stakes and the elongation of the professional life. Of numerous useful pragmatic tools and operational were made by the partners of the department.Www.toutes-les-generations-en-entreprise.com

  • Signature of the action plan arranged for the equality of access to the employment and in the work in Ile de France. The regional plan of joint actions defines by 4 common stakes: the professional equality between men and women, the fight against discrimination territorial, the access and the preservation in the employment of the senior workers. It is about a concrete and joint commitment taken by the state and the social partners. www.egaliteeniledefrance.fr
Actions proposed to adherents
Three axes of intervention:
  • Make easy the construction of the agreements and Senior action plans
    • Pilot'age, tool of creation and analysis of the ages pyramid of the company which allows to identify the factors of variation of staff since last five years to anticipate the predictable movements for years to come.
    • Accord@ges, tool of on-line location which allows companies to check themselves with regard to six domains of actions, to identify the types of action to be implemented and to define relevant indicators to estimate the progress of the action plan.
  • Accompany the implementation of the agreements and Senior action plans
    • Cadr'Ages, to speak better about future, consists in accompanying the companies in the deployment of the professional interview of second part of carrer. It concerns the employees having reached the age of 45 years old and has to allow to anticipate, as its name indicates it, this second part of carrer.
    • Abord'ages, to boost the careers, propose to make sensitive the actors of the company at the elongation of the professional life, thus in the necessity of taking into account the second part of career.
    • Part'age, to capitalize better the experience, is centred on transmission of job skills and the tutoring: spot the key skills master the technics of capitalization, identify the target population, realize an interview of collection of knowledges, formalize a skills portfolio, to master the technics of accompaniment...
  • Privilege a global approach of the human resources
    • Seniors could constitute a main key towards the implementation of one projected management of jobs and skills (strategic workforce planning) thus one global approach of the management of ages in the company.