Movement of the Val d’Oise Companies (MEVO)

Name of organization
General assignments
To be at the disposal of the companies to inform, represent, promote them and create a network to help them grow.
Expertise in age management and preservation of the Seniors’ employment
Bearer of projects and/or Organization contributing in actions such as:
  • A’VENIR GPEC: Helping to put in place employment forecast and skills for 9 Small and medium-size enterprises of the County.
  • A’VENIR SENIORS: Training of 15 unemployed Seniors to project management to develop projects in 15 companies smaller than 50 employees.
Partnership actions under County plan
  • A’VENIR GPEC acts in partnership with the DIRECCTE UT 95, the European Social Fund, OPCALIA IDF, ARACT IDF, and the County Occupational Medicine.
  • A’VENIR SENIORS is a training action offered by the Regional Council of Ile de France, developed with the employment territorial partners (DIRECCTE UT 95, Pole Emploi) and built in partnership with the members of the MEVO companies.
Actions offered to members
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