MCC Mobilités

MCC Mobilités
General missions
MCC Mobilités, consultancy and training company of human resources
Expertises in age management and continued employment of older
To cope with the consequences of demographic and socio-economic change MCC Mobilités has accompanied since 2000 :
  • The public and parastatals in the implementation of action plans for employment of older workers in the framework of partnership approach
  • The company management, in the definition and implementation of policies for age management and diversity
  • The assets, men and women, in boosting their second half of their careers.
Today we are a recognized actor in the age management and senior employment and our approach is structured around four complementary fields of expertise that can offer a dynamic approach to human resources: the valorization of diversity age, occupational health throughout life, the development of competencies to all ages and the promotion of intergenerational cooperation.
Partnership actions under the departmental plan
  • Operator of the guide “Transmission of know-how in the workplace” - 2008
  • Operator of the device Outil-Ages RH – 2009/2010
  • Operator of the device Outil-Ages Transnational – 2011/2012
Actions proposed to adherents
We offer activities involving counseling and training
  • For the leaders and human resources managers : Integrating agreement or plan of action in a global ageing approach of GPEC - Prevent premature ageing and reduce the arduous situations - Encourage the continued activity of employees nearing retirement - Organize transmission of professional skills in the workplace – Recruiting without discrimination...
  • For line managers : Manager ages and Diversity - Implementing and conducting interviews for the second half of the career - Achieving intergenerational management...
  • For women and men employees : Valuing experience and prepare the second part of career - Successful the interview of the second half of career - Transmit knowledge and professional skills in the workplace...