Maison de l’Emploi d’Argenteuil- Bezons

Name of organization
Maison de l’Emploi d’Argenteuil- Bezons
General missions
  • CENTER 1: To develop a shared territorial strategy: diagnosis with the plan of action. In the framework of this first axis, the houses of employment will have to work out a territorial diagnosis on the basis of job market research and the potentialities of the territory offers job applications.

  • CENTER 2: To take part in the anticipation of the economical changes On the base of the above mentioned diagnosis, the houses of employment conduct actions of coordination and the information specialized bound for the local actors, institutional and economic, in order to enable them to better anticipate the economic transfers on the territory concerned.

  • CENTER 3: To contribute to the development of local employment On the base of the initial diagnosis, and within the framework of the local strategy, the houses of employment have authority to contribute to local development. They must of this fact of coordinating, of animating and of producing informationspecific already existing at the local level, but burst between the various territorial actors intervening in the field of the Employment Policy.

  • CENTER 4: To reduce the cultural or social obstacles to the access to the emploi Local development is not possible that with a reduction of the cultural or social brakes to the job access. This is why, parallel to the axes previously presented, the houses of employment must take part in the coordination and the animation of the actors acting in the field of the social mobility and professional, in particular by developing specialized information and by diffusing the good practices.
Expertises in age management and continued employment of older
2010 - 2011: Reflection on the installation of a Management planning of Employment and Territorial jurisdictions, with the catch in management account of the ages and the return or the maintenance of the seniors in employment.
Partnership actions under the departmental plan
Conférence 1 of September 9th, 2008 “Seniors in the company”
Conference 2 of September 12th, 2008 “Glances on the seniority”
Conference 3 of the Thursday, September 18, 2008 “The lengthening of the professional life”
SENIORS IN THE COMPANY, December 9th, 2008
Morning :
Restitution of the results of the activities engaged within the framework of the departmental plan of action. Maintenance in employment of the seniors: Management planning of Employment and Competences, action conducted by the MIFE of Oise and the testimony of the director of company CAP2I it transmission of the knowledge to do in situation work (OPCALIA): guide to download on the site of the ARACT « Professionalisation of actors of the territory, with the participation of Jeanne Hamel, person in charge of the Employement Service Of the CA Vallée de France. Return in Employment of the seniors: sleeping frames projects with Charles Lemoalle and the testimony of Catherine Bouvard, project manager in time sharing. Mr. LEMOALLE also quoted the formation Seniors assembled by the MDE and operated by the MEVO. - Quantitative Study near 1000 ANPE job-seekers it intergenerational co-operation, with the intergenerational project of the local mission Vallée de Montmorency
Action plan 2009:
  • Analyzes needs near the companies and publics
  • Reinforcement of the accompaniment of: formation – qualification - qualification levels
  • Reinforcement of aid to undertakings
  • Share of experiments

Stand MDE/BRS: 21 visits, including 9 men and 12 women. Somme or these persons have been positionned on the third group of ”A Venir Sénior” with association BRS.
Actions proposed to adherents
No adherents

Actions proposed to the publics :

2008 – 2009 :
  • Course of accompaniment Seniors with the association Boutique Rives de Seine: 3 groups of seniors, approximatively30 persons : 8 retuns to employement, 5 settings in formation and two créations of activity.
  • Course of accompaniment Seniors with the MEVO
  • Guide du Savoir être en Entreprise in collaboration with the MEVO