The DIRECCT* - Val d’Oise Territorial Unit has strengthened the European scope of “All generations in companies, the stakeholders in Val d’Oise and their joint commitment with Europe”.its action plan for maintaining older workers in employment or helping them to return to employment. This initiative is part of the pluri-annual 2007-2013 Plan co-funded by the European Social Fund.
It enriches the partnerships already underway with many economic and social stakeholders in the region by adding transnational cooperation with partners from four member States of the European Union: Belgium, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic who are already committed to studying these issues. 

The “2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations” was an opportunity for these five partners to adopt a common framework for their action at their country level so as to oversee the necessary changes.

This territorial action plan is based on two majors operations developed by The DIRECCTE Val d’Oise Territorial Unit from 2009.

The DIRECCT – Val d’Oise Territorial Unit
Hakim Kamouche
Project manager « All generations in companies »