HEC-Management School-University of Liege (Belgium)

HEC-Management School-University of Liege
General missions
HEC-ULg, the Business School of the University of Liège. There are 2.300 students (15% from abroad. The professorial staff is composed by academically and professionnaly qualified profil. HEC-ULg has a straight network with organizations and 13,000 alumni working all over the world. The priorities of the School are :
  • academic quality and innovation in pedagogy;
  • interactive teaching methods;
  • personal development for students;
  • international openness;
  • strong links with organizations.
HEC Business School - University of Liege (HEC-ULg) trains creative managers who will be responsible for building the future of businesses and organizations in a cross-cultural world. In its peaks of excellence, HEC-ULg carries out internationally recognized research which is close to the economic world. HEC-ULg is firmly anchored and active in the regional economic development. It accentuates the following four dimensions:
  • Mutual enrichment with its stakeholders via original research practices, training and expertise;
  • Innovative personal development activities for students, based on action and commitment;
  • Training active proficiency in three languages;
  • The development of management decision-making skills based on quantitative and economic reasoning, as well as on understanding the stakes involved with technologies.
HEC-ULg Business School keeps a particular eye on the coherence and the managerial pertinence of its teaching, research, and community services activities. It has forged strong dynamics and a community spirit between students, graduates, staff and partners by involving them in all in the decision-making processes, by communicating with them and by living its fundamental values:
  • creative entrepreneurial audacity
  • excellence
  • critical thinking
  • a spirit of listening and respect for diversity
  • corporate responsibility.
Two research centers work on age management :
  • EGID – gender and diversity in management (age, gender, cultural diversity, homophoby, disability). Researches, consultancy, courses and training.
    • Annie CORNET, full professor
    • In age management: CUSUMANO Christophe, researcher
    • URGC – competencies management in HRM issues.  Researches, consultancy, courses and training.
      • Jean-Marie DUJARDIN, professor.
      • In age management: RANDAXHE David, researcher
Multidisciplinary teams.
Expertise in age management and continued employment of older
  • Researches on age management
  • Training, meeting and events with employers (public and private sector, profit and non-profit sector)
  • Age management in some courses in HRM.
Phoenix project (2007-2010) : FSE project with coordination by Forem (public agency for employment) :
  • Recruiting and retaining senior workers in firms with appropriate HRM policies and work organization.
  • Tools for diagnosis of age pyramid in the firm, jobs, departments, functions and HRM policies linked with age.
  • Intergenerational management.
Generation +:
  • Idem than Phoenix
  • Generation management – Y and X generation and training, management of new workers, integration and socialization
Diagnosis tools:
  • Age pyramid and HRM policies linked with age
  • Competencies management and identification of transfert needed
Actions proposed to members
Not really members but public is employers in public / non-profit / private sectors.
  • Training
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Tools for HRM policies
  • Researches
  • Thesis of students and internship.
Reasons why HEC-Management school-University of Liege is motivated in participating to the UT95 project project ‘All generations in companies’
Linked with HRM policies and diversity policies. Input for researches / training / internship for students
Full Professor HRM and Organisational Theories
Annie Cornet has a Doctorate in Management Sciences and is Full Professor at the Haute Ecole de Commerce (School of Management) HEC-ULg. She heads up the EGid research unit (Gender and Diversity in Management), which she founded in 2000. She is president of the Management Research Unit (UER Management) and is in charge of the People Management and Organizational Change program of the Master of Management Sciences. She is also a member of the scientific committee of the Diversity Chair at Paris Dauphine and joint-leader of the Diversity and Gender network of the AGRH (Human Resource Management Association of the French-speaking community). She has taught at HEC Montreal and works with a number of universities in the French- and English-speaking worlds, including America.
Graduated in Management (HEC-ULg, 2006) and after several collaborations with the Center For Social Economy, he works for the Skills Management Research Unit since 2007. He mainly works on a project subsidized by the European social fund, Generation +,  about age management within organization, intergenerational transfer of skills, socialization of new workers, generations at work, tutorship, mentoring. This project leads him to write a diagnostic guide for organization : “«La gestion des âges en entreprise - Guide d’auto-diagnostic pour une gestion des ressources humaines et des compétences tenant compte des âges », to organize conferences and other events to to increase organizations or public institutions  awareness of age management issues. He also collaborates with other universities and schools from the « Grande Région » in a project which purpose is to develop a network for lifelong learning. In a larger frame, his research also bears on skills management, sets of standards for skills, managerial skills, soft-skills. Ses recherches portent également sur différents thèmes en lien avec les compétences comme la gestion prévisionnelle des emplois et des compétences (GPEC), les compétences managériales, les soft-skills.