Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 
General missions  
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) is a multidisciplinary research and specialist organization in the field of occupational health and safety. The mission of the Institute is to promote occupational health and safety as part of good living. Strategic goals of the Institute are Safe and meaningful work, Supportive organizations, Effective occupational health services and Flourishing workers. By fulfilling these goals, the Institute increases participation in work life at all stages of a person's career.  
Expertise in age management and continued employment of older  
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has been researching the relationship between work ability, functional capacity and age since 1980’s. The concept of age management has been promoted especially by emeritus professor Juhani Ilmarinen. In the Juhani Ilmarinen’s book of ‘Towards a Longer Work life! Ageing and the quality of work life in the European Union’ there are several descriptions of best practices in corporate age management [1]. Furthermore, in the EuroFound’s database of best age management practices there are several cases from Finland [2].   The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health will be assuming the organisational responsibility of establishing a management development network, discussing and disseminating managerial skills into workplaces. One part of this network will be age management. Thus, in the near future there will be updated information available on the public and private corporate age management policies implemented. Webpage: >  
Actions proposed to members  
The main functions of the Institute are research, specialist advisory services, training and communications. Its clients are workplaces, citizens, government officials, occupational health services, and other organizations, which work to improve well-being at work and disseminate related information.  
Reasons why FIOH is motivated in participating to the UT95 project project ‘All generations in companies’  
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) has comprehensive, interdisciplinary research as the core of all activities. Research and development produces and maintains the best information available for improving conditions and well-being at work while promoting employee health and work ability. Research and development at the institute stems from the needs of work life and therefore seeks practical solutions. The majority of institute R&D; is applied research with results that can be utilized directly. FIOH researchers actively participate in a variety of international research projects in the European Union and throughout the world.  
Marjo WALLIN  
Specialized researcher Secretary of the European Year 2012  
Marjo Wallin has a Doctorate in Health Sciences and Masters’ Degree in Gerontology and Physiotherapy Education. She works as a Specialized Researcher at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, in the Career Change and Diversity Management team. She has been analyzing Age management practices in European organizations. She has also developed an international, digital evaluation tool of age management practices for human resources professionals. She collaborates in several international R&D; projects related to Age Management in Europe. Currently she coordinates national activities of the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012.