Benchmarking tool

Benchmarking behaviour

This diagnostic allows a manager - woman or man - to benchmark his or her own behaviour with regard to active ageing issues and is composed of 17 managerial situations covering several areas of human resource management. The diagnostic process, easy and user-friendly, is informative and does not focus on evaluation. It lasts about twenty minutes.

Identifying benefits and risks for sustainable performance

A personalised feedback document allows the manager, woman or man, to benchmark own managerial practices and compare them with other contributions.
The manager can then guide her or his action by taking into account the risks and benefits that their own managerial practices bring to the worker’s individual performance, the team’s performance and the company’s performance.

In order to get your diagnostic and your accompanying feedback document
Pleas ask for your personalized access.

A synthesis of diagnosis answers and your contributions to the blog will be presented to the final conference that will take place at the Ministry of Labour, Vocational training and Social affairs in December 2012 with the participation of many French and European social and economic stakeholders working for active ageing and solidarity between generations.
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