AFMD (French Association of Diversity Managers)
General missions
The AFMD (French Association of Diversity Managers) is a place for thinking, exchanging and sharing best practices about managing diversity.
  • We address all types of managers (line managers, human resource managers, diversity managers…)
  • We have a transverse approach to diversity :
    • Management: Managing differences (age, gender, ethnicity, social background, religion, disability, educational background…)
    • Research: We work with universities and Business Schools on operational research.
    • Business sectors: Insurance / Banking / IT / Tourism / Retail / Industry...
    • Functions: HR / Accounting & Finance / IT / Purchasing / Logistics / Marketing / Sales…
Expertises in age management and continued employment of older
Workshop + publication about ageing in work.
Partnership actions under the departmental plan
Actions proposed to adherents
  • Work groups
    • Focus groups
    • Exchange workshops
    • International Benchmarking
    • Publications
  • Events
    • Symposiums
    • Breakfasts
    • Conferences
  • order to promote innovative solutions to manage diversity. Work groups have mainly focused on:
    • Age management policies
    • Time management
    • Towards an annual diversity report
    • The concepts in diversity policies: from semantics to action
    • Implementing a diversity policy
    • Helping the unemployed return to work
    • Diversity and social dialogue
    • Women and governance
    • Diversity and suppliers
    • Diversity and religion
    • The French Diversity Label
For each topic, the AFMD co-produces a deliverable with its members in partnership with its academic, institutional and associative partners. These publications - white papers, operational guides - are available on its website. End April 2011, the AFMD had a total of 80 members (companies, non-profit organizations, universities, engineering and business schools).